Has the pee tape been released yet?

But it looks to be real.

There are plenty of reasons to think the pee tape is real. In fact, intelligence professionals don't discount the overarching claims in the Steele dossier and are using it to guide their own investigations.

10/23/17 - Trump signed this sanctions bill from Congress, but it was supposed to take effect on October 1st, and Trump has still made no moves to enforce the sanctions. This was going to be THE test for Trump on Russia. He's currently failing it, which begs the question why.

10/22/17 - Senator Graham says Trump has "a blind spot on Russia I still can't figure out", but Russian kompromat would go a long way to explaining his actions.

9/5/17 - There are rumblings in the Russian government about releasing Kompromat
6/5/17 - As recently as March, Trump's administration tried to drop sanctions on Russian oil, but was rebuffed by the State Dept.
5/31/17 - Trump seems open to returning two compounds the Russians want back.
5/28/17 - Trump has been doing his best to weaken NATO, long a Putin goal.
5/12/17 - Trump fired Comey because he wouldn't drop the Russia investigation.
5/1/17 - Trump refuses to admit Russia hacked the US elections.
7/21/16 - Under the Trump administration's guidance, the GOP platform got decidely less pro Ukraine.